Travelling And Exploring (Weekly Photo Challenge)

“Do things to satisfy your own soul” – Justin Gaffrey .


There are certain things that people do to satisfy their own soul . Some love writing , some painting and like this people do different things to give them the needed satisfaction .

Well in my case , I think travelling and exploring new places gives me satisfaction . The above picture is taken around 5 in the morning from Nahargarh Fort , Jaipur .

It was one of those nights when everything seems wrong and you started feeling irritated with every single thing you do or feel . I was just trying to sleep to get over with this feeling of irritation when all of sudden out of nowhere a friend suggested this plan of visiting the fort in morning . As soon as the plan was made, I still remember that feeling of irritation was turned into excitement for the morning . I barely slept that night after listening the plan . We left around 4 am in morning so as to reach there in time before sunrise . The city looked beautiful from up there as there where only few houses with lights on and the street light showing where road go .


We waited till sunrise to capture the city sunlight as well . It still looked beautiful . The time before sunrise gave me enough time to think straight about things that were bothering me that night and by the time sun was shining up in sky, everything in mind was peaceful . And that’s how travelling and exploring this new place gave me the inner peace and the satisfaction I was searching that previous night . I slept like around 8 to 10 hours after returning from there as there was no more conflict within me .

via Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

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