Story Of A Night Owl

” Listen to the night as the night knows your truth, your stories, your aches, your dreams, your cravings, your forgotten memories, not so forgotten ” – Victoria Erickson .

Normally, people think staying up late night is a disease . Little do they know some of us enjoy living that moments at nights, some of us love the silence of the nights . The people who enjoy staying up late at nights are called Night Owls .

I happen to be one of them . It’s simple I just love staying up at nights for my own reasons . Though many people around me still think it as a problem, I think night is the time when I’m more alive than I’m during the day . It’s just my time alone as usually people around me prefer to sleep at night .

Another reason why I like staying up late so much is because between the hours of 1 to 4 am , the world is quite and no one expects anything from me . I could stare at my walls for hours and there will be no consequences . It’s so silent and calm . I love that silence .

At first I too used to think staying up late at night is a problem until I started to realize why I do that ? Why waking up late nights isn’t a bad thing for me ? What it gives me that day can’t ? And after finding the answer I think I’m fine being a night owl .

I know some of you by now might think that I’m some kind of sociopath or anything, well I’m not, though yeah an introvert but not that atleast yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Anyways it’s just the silence that appeals me the most , you know like you can hear the heartbeat of the person from the other room . In my case it’s simple, those silent hours give me more inner peace than doing most things will ever give .

I know doing anything like staring a wall for hours isn’t being productive or anything that normally people do when they decide to stay up late nights but still that hours somehow for me is way more satisfying than anything . The silence in the air sometimes makes me feel like my soul is froze and I love that slow chill .

It’s quite simple to understand that why people love staying up late nights . Maybe we find something that the whole day or the people we meet during that day can’t give us . But then again why at night , we can find that during day by being isolated or getting away from people . Well night because of the silence and it’s darkness (for me atleast) . During day it’s almost next to impossible getting either of them to be honest . You know any phone call , text from friend , or any work that someone told to do is always there . Somehow people always manage to reach me during day . But at night the world sleeps , well most of it . There is no one to disturb , no calls or texts , no disturbance . Just plain silence and that’s what I love most about nights .

Another thing the I love about nights are they are usually intense for thinking and dreaming . It’s like nights are more pure than day for my thoughts .

Well it’s not daily that I stare at my walls or something as that would surely make me a sociopath, right ? Well there are few things that I love to do during those night hours. Some nights it’s me with the music that I love as the lyrics of those songs are the words that I might never be able to say or the lyrics just state my current on going situation in life while some nights are about to writing down what’s going on in my life while some others nights are just overthinking about things or situations that eventually I might need to write down some other night in order to get them off my mind of them . Yeah I do that and it works well most of the time . And yeah I prefer to study sometimes during night as well because as a student it’s important to do that too .

Anyways as summing up it , I can say it’s fine to be a night owl as it’s not necessary that the day always gives you what you need or the state of mind you want . It’s ok to stay up late night doing whatever you like because you have your own reasons that you don’t need anyone to explain . It’s not necessary for everyone to understand why you do that . If you love doing that just do it for yourself as yeah it might give the exact thing that have been missing or wanted for yourself . 


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