The Final Goodbye



” The best way to not get your heart broken is to pretend you don’t have one ” – Charlie Sheen .

It was a regular Saturday afternoon and he was going through his Facebook feeds for killing time as this was summer internship time and he has already completed his work . So he was going through the feeds and suddenly a message popped up , thinking it might be from one his friend he opened it . And after seeing the name he froze for a while . It was from his ex . They ended their relationship 2 years ago as she wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue their relationship because of the regular fights they were into . The reason behind those fights were mostly her secrets, she kept away many things from him .

Although that was a simple ‘Hey’ from her but for him it was more like a reminder of all the time that they have spend together in past . It was like a short movie going through his mind depicting the 3 years time during which they were together . Anyways after seeing the message , he wasn’t sure what to do . If he should reply or not because he still remember her last words when they broke up  “I don’t need anything from you, not even your friendship “. When they were ending things back then , he was too emotionally attached to let her go , so in the end when they were breaking up he asked for her friendship thinking that they will be in contact atleast, when she said those words .

Well , after taking a brief pause , he gets back to real world form his past journey in mind and again looked at the message and decided to reply . They started talking .

At first things were awkward and formal with question like ‘How Are You’ , as it’s been a long time since they last talked and things weren’t the best but after few minutes or maybe half hour, they were again talking all over like nothing has ever happened between them .They talked for few hours covering different aspects from their lives like what have been up to , what they have accomplished and so on . They even discussed if either of them got in relationship after they broke though during this time there was a dullness in messages but later as soon as topic changed they again caught up with same speed . They talked about all the possible things one could think of .

After texting for a while she told him she missed him and was wondering if they can get back together . After reading that message he was in shock as this came out of nowhere suddenly and was not sure what to reply . He then took a pause from the conversation and thought What the hell is wrong with him ? As in his heart he clearly knew that during those 2 years of breakup , he wished everyday to get her back but now when that moment is here, she is asking him to get back together, he is having second thoughts, but why ?

Well, somehow he managed to skip that question there and changed the topic . But deep down he knew that he has just escaped that for a while, he has to answer that not now but soon . Well they continued talking for the whole evening till 8 . And then finally took a break from talking to do the dinner .

Now, as soon they stopped talking, he opened his Dropbox account and start reading their old conversations for some unknown reasons . In his mind only one question was going on , what he is gonna say if she will ask again about getting back together ?

After reading the conversation, he thought of the moments they had together and how she ended all that in just a fraction of second . He kept thinking for a while and then made a decision .

At 10 pm he received a message from her asking ‘There ?’ .

He simply stared at the message for the next one minute and then replied ‘Yes’ . They started talking again normally about things like what they had for dinner and how co-incidentally they had the same ice cream that day after dinner and so on .

Everything seemed so perfect after a while for both of them like they were never apart .

But as they say ‘Time flies fast when things are good’ , and soon it was 1 am in the clock . And then she asked again the question that he was trying to escape whole evening ,”Do you want to get back together” ?

He thought for a while over the decision that he already had in mind and said “No” . There was a complete silence for a while like one can hear other person’s heartbeat without paying much attention . He didn’t received a reply for about 5 minutes, but then a message popped up asking ‘Not even as a friend’ . Somehow he knew that next question was going to be this . Again, he said “No’ because he knew that eventually they are gonna fight again and things from the past will come up for sure as she still hasn’t told him many things yet . So it doesn’t matter how perfect things are looking now after a while it would be same all over again .

After a while he received another message asking ‘Why ?’ . In the reply he explained what he had in mind and added that ‘It would be in best interest for both of them’ . She replied ‘It’s ok’ and then they talked for a while about all the things they did together in past . That last hour was emotional one .

It was 2 am now and was time to say final Goodbyes .

They texted each other “Goodbye, take care” as tears slowly roll down from both of their eyes . And that was their final “Goodbye” .


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